Dolphin Swimmer - 5 foot giant inflatable flying Dolphin Swimmer! Realistic features and an extended Infrared Radio Control range plus your Super  Fliers swim in 5 directional control movements and have a 360 degree turning circle.

Made from durable nylon that provides hours and hours of fun for everyone. Stays inflated for weeks with helium, then simply re-inflate your Super Fliers again for hours and hours of more fun!

Dolphin Swimmer requires no taping of the Mechanism parts and is Pre-program
with one touch.  Un like a earlier version from last year (not ours), you were required to tape on mechanism parts, and you needed to throttle the control left, right, forward, up and down for the product to move.





Coming Soon !!!

Sea Turtle


Killer Whale

Enjoyable Entertainment for Everybody!

For age 8 and up

Minimum assembly required

For indoor use only

Helium tank & batteries sold separately

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